Albinism international awareness with Mbali Masango

Written by on July 2, 2022

Albinism international awareness is a day where people are educated about the albinism genetic condition and how to protect our brothers and sisters.

By By Mmakgotso Chrie

This is Mbali Cynthia Masango who is also known as The Rock, from Mpumalanga Province. Mbali Was Born with an albinism condition which is caused by the absence of the pigment colour melanin. The absence of the pigment colour melanin affect the eyes, hair and skin color. It has been more than five years now since she’s part of the international albinism awareness and according to her statement it has been very helpful to her and other people out there .

Numerous people used to believe or still believe that having a child with an albinism condition is a curse but it is not. The international albinism awareness is all about celebrating our loved ones who are living with the genetic condition as well as protecting them from the people who think they are a curse of they can use them for traditional herbs(muthi).

Season after season there are some difficulties these people are facing for example “during sunny weather I cannot see properly “ Mbali said. Due to this it is compulsory for them to wear sunglasses and sun hats to protect their skin and eyes. On the albinism international awareness theses are some of the things they teach them.

The government is also trying to help, as Mbali said they would supply them with cosmetics after every 3 to 4 months since their skin is very sensitive and require special lotions which on the other hands are very expensive and they can not really afford.
Her wish is that if it can be possible, she would like that there be as many albinism awareness campaign as possible and also that if every company can etleast have 1 employee with this condition so that people can get used to them and stop judging their skin color as it can kill one’s confidence and self esteem. Albinism is not a disease.

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