“An author wants to improve the social and economic lives of individuals”

Written by on November 6, 2020

Rorisang Maimane (30) an author and software developer from Moreleta Park , served more than 7 years in government before he decided to live a happy life of working and spending his day on what matters to him.

” I think at the end of the line I want to take price in saying, “I did it my way, lived life in my own terms”. Said Maimane.

His drive and interest an interest as an author is based on improving the social and economic lives of individuals while enjoying his creative and learning journey. Maimane started being an author in 2017 September. Before that he always kept a journal, and did his best to write down any experience that he went through. Either through observation or actions.

He was inspired by money and pain to be an author, he always thought that having books comes with the perks of money, although part of this may be true, the journey will prove otherwise.

“I have always written before ideas capitalizing on them”,

He said he had to rethink and remember why he writes. He eventually found meaning when writing . He further said that as far as pain is concerned he thinks every writer is trapped in alternative realities, one of them is pressure to express, and the thrill to just create.

“The tension which is mixed with normal human challenges for one to make write writing home for all experience, pain, joy and any thought that exists” He said

Maimane has written 3 books so far, he debut and best-selling book: Embrace change; flouring in times of challenges and crisis, followed by a series of children books, Magic camera and garden with purpose . The book series is based on a true story after she had a meeting with Baswabile Matjila, director of Baswabile communications,

Who shared the story about how she grew up in Ga-rankuwa, while in school Matjila used to make money by selling vegetables after school and at school; she overcame bullying and made friends along the way.

day her parents brought her a camera, she took it to school and other kids would pay to play with it ‘I also remember some kids back in the day who brought cool toys to school and everyone wanted to play with them.”

Many people of color can relate to this because some grew up also selling, sweets, SImbas and other snacks to help out at home and pay for fun trips” Said Maimane

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