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Baba Mthethwa must pay back the money, says ex-lover

Written by on May 13, 2024

SuperSport commentator Baba Mthethwa’s former lover, Kgomotso Koosimile, has threatened to blacklist him if he does not refund her the total of R830 000 she paid to creditors who wanted to auction off her R12 million mansion in Serengeti because of his alleged tardiness.

The creditors demanded the money from Koosimile after Mthethwa paid ilobolo for the businesswoman in 2014. They said because Mthethwa was unable to pay back the money they loaned him, she was liable for payment because, by law, they were considered to have married in community of property.

But the matrimony was declared null and void after Koosimile discovered later that Mthethwa was still married to another woman, Kgomotso Aphane Mthethwa, when they tied the knot.

She discovered Mthethwa’s bigamy after she had already paid the creditors.

She then demanded a refund from Mthethwa, who, after meandering, agreed to pay her back. However, Mthethwa only paid her R60 000 in three R20 000 instalments before disappearing into thin air.

Koosimile unleashed her lawyers on Mthethwa, who sent him a letter of demand on 25 March to pay the outstanding balance of R830 000.

They sent the letter to Mthethwa after debt collectors approached him on 16 March this year and demanded remission of payment without success.

After the meeting with the debt collectors, Mthethwa wrote a letter to Koosimile and asked her to garnish his salary and dock R20 000 per month.

In the letter, Mthethwa said: “It’s regrettable that this matter has come to this point. Kindly ask your lawyers to send the court papers to my work for payment monthly until this matter is settled. I’m offering you R20k a month until the whole amount is paid up. Legal people will know what to do in this regard if they send a garnishee. I’m prepared to work with them to finish this matter accordingly to avoid any mishap of any kind.”

But she rejected the offer and demanded R35 000 per month instead.

When pressed for a comment, Koosimile confirmed that her lawyers had sent Mthethwa a letter of demand to pay back the money and threatened to list him on the ITC Credit Bureau if he did not comply.

“Baba must just pay the money as per the agreement,” she said.

Koosimile said she met Mthethwa, who is famous for his Ho Thaata Banna slogan on TV, at the Wanderers Hotel in Joburg in 2015, and they started dating. She said he then moved into her house, and they happily lived together until they got married the same year.

Soon after their marriage, creditors, including Mthethwa’s ex-girlfriends, contacted her in 2016 and complained that she had loaned him R140 000 and was refusing to pay it back.

She explained that when Mthethwa’s ex-lover threatened him with legal action, she paid her after the talented commentator begged her to do so.

Koosimile also alleged that she had received a call from a Mpumalanga man, known to the publication, who also complained that Mthethwa owed him money and was refusing to pay him back. She paid him too, out of her pocket.

Mthethwa did not respond to written questions.

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