Mabopane based entrepreneur wants to see his businesses conquer the world

Written by on November 3, 2020

Multitalented Bakang Tefu is consistently looking for ways to improve his business and stay in the market

Bakang Tefo (30) from Mabopane block x North of Pretoria is a young man with perseverance & persistence , he is hard worker , simply because he believes that investment in a form of hard work always pays the interest in a form success, he is very optimistic and a go getter but above all that is an entrepreneur

Tefo’s journey as an entrepreneur began between 2012 and 2013 when he started his first clothing line, he was inspired by fashion culture were people expressing themselves through clothing and accessories. His journey began with Falling in love with the solution by recognizing a problem that exists and build a business solution. He said

He further stated that keeping a business afloat in tough economic times is challenging and the novel coronavirus pandemic has definitely roiled the waters on which owners must sail , unfortunately there is no playbook to follow to ride out the storm and ride the ship. Every small business is different, and each carries, its own risks

He keeps his business going by investing more in it. By giving the outside a coat of paint , upgrade the website , come up with new corporate image , trained himself to position the brand even better , invest in new technology and anything else that will make his business look impressive and run more impressively, he also invest in himself by learning new skills through books , seminars , online training , mentoring and coaching.

Bakang is a poultry farmer he said that we need more black farmers in the country, and people should start small like him. He has utilized his backyard to start his poultry business and things seems to be working and the shack can accommodate 300 birds. He also sells eggs called Pexa Eggs

His financial business Pexa Moola is performing well also the business is an essential service that provides solutions to people within the community. So far they have managed to assist over 300 people by giving them loans that help them to restructure their finances

He said that he sees his businesses with outlets all over the world. His goal is to own a big farm with cows , sheep’s , goats , ducks and chickens , he also said he sees pexa Moola as one of the biggest financial services that will look beyond people’s problem and solutions , Pexa Clothing as one of the biggest fashion brands. , he also said that more projects will announced soon

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