Mabopane Renowned pastry chef open’s her first Branch

Written by on May 15, 2022

Sinah’s exquisite opened their first branch on Saturday

Sinah Kwenaite Lesejane from Mabopane block x extension , North of Pretoria is the owner and founder of Sinah’s exquisite cakes, which she opened in 2015.she opened her first branch of her business on Saturday at Pick n pay complex in Mabopane. Before she opened her branch she was operating from her home or house respectively. She said

She that her business has employed five people who are working with her. The reason she decided she opened the business is business she saw many people are unemployed around the community of Mabopane, she sees herself working with 100 people from the community in the future.

Sinah said that she plans to open another branch in Rustenburg In the North West because that’s where she got married or found marriage also people from there also came to support her today she opened her first branch

Local entrepreneur Morwa Ramorwa Congratulated Sinah on opening her first branch and he said they would continue to support her business so that it can reach new heights, he said

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