Meisie Motaung Gives back to the less fortunate by donating 51 school shoes

Written by on May 15, 2022

Charity organisation helps learner’s to focus on their studies

Principal of Reatlegile primary School Nnysnki Khomo Sekhu

Meisie Motaung from Mabopane block u extension partnered up with Tshwane local soccer legends , Sinkie Mathe and Ofentse Mawisa Mathope to donate 51 school shoes and sanitary towels at Reatlegile primary School in Mabopane Block u north of Pretoria on Friday.

Meisie Motaung from Meisie Motaung Foundation

Meisie Motaung said that this is only the beginning she will return to the school month end of May and she chose to start her donation campaign around her community because charity begins at home. She urged the pupils to focus on their studies and they should visit her home if they don’t have sanitary towels so that they can stop using cloths , newspapers during when their menstruating.

Nhlanhla Phiri From Meisie Motaung encouraged the students to focus on their studies and reminded them how fortunate they are because they have people like (Meisie Motaung ) who are helping them by donating school shoes and sanitary towels.

Nhlanhla Phiri From Meisie Motaung Foundation

She also reminisced on hard it was for her to go to school during her days because she didn’t have school shoes and she would study on an empty stomach because they didn’t have food at home, She further urged learners to respect one another including their teachers as well “ I will be embarrassed if I hear that the is a case of Bullying at Reatlegile” said and they must not take each other videos that are not beneficial to their education.

School principal Nnysnki khomo sekhu appreciated all the people who made the donation a success and “ Meisie Motaung Foundation please extend your donations next time when you visit the school so that boys could get some trousers too” said Sekhu .

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  1. She knows who   On   May 17, 2022 at 10:35 am

    Meise Motaung is doing a great job for the public and community. I wish she could do the same in private when owing people money and pay back.

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