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Written by on March 31, 2021

Petunia NTSWAKI Tswaro is the founder and coach of Umveliqangi Jum’a netball team situated in Winterveldt, North of Pretoria. The netball team was founded three years ago after Tswaro observed that young girls in and around her community have nothing to keep them busy after school and/or during the school holidays.

Writer Tumelo Sekwele , editor Bella

Umveliqangi Jum’a consists of a single team of 18 girls born in 2007.Tswaro strongly expressed a desire to have the girls divided into different age groups including under 10 , 14 and 15 respectively. A senior team is being put together. In the three years that the team has existed, it hasn’t yet been registered with local sports bodies. The girls have participated in no tournament by far and it is their wish for that to soon change.

The lack of resources has the team progressing at a slow pace. “The girls perform well during their respective games” highlighted Tswaro. By far they are receiving assistance from Raheem Nkumane who is leader the of Umveliqangi Jum’a Masjid. Nkumane assists with provision of food and transport to and from games played away from home.

Sphiwe Makinta from forum 4 service delivery and Gogo-ntle Mission said that his organization will step in to assist the netball team because the netball team aids the girls to reach their potential in terms of their respective hobbies and talents. With the little assistance he hopes to keep lights of Umveliqangi Jum’a alight so as to continue keeping the girls away from being idle which may result in engagement in activities such as crime and drugs.

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