Myground Company wants to keep people powered during the difficult period

Written by on November 17, 2020

The company provides the community with alternative power solutions in the form of solar energy

Lazarus Ncube from block E Mabopane is the founder of Myground Company which he founded after he resigned at the company he was working at doing automation after he promised himself that he will never work for someone else, he registered the business this year during the lockdown, he later started to market it on his social media platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp, he said

He realized during the lockdown that they were struggling with load shedding then he brought a solar system as he has experience in solar system for 4 years, he did it himself and his neighbors’ were asking how did he it because he would light his fridges and all lights and outside people thought he has electricity, but it was the solar system he installed

He has started teaching people in his community about solar and how cheap it is, and them avoiding Eskom’s high bills and load shedding

Ncube’s said that the “name comes from the inspiration from God , he had no legacy left for himself or anything so this is Myground am building for my generation to come” he just started to give his skills to the youth because he does electric fence installation , gate motor installation , solar system installation , camera installation , intercom installation , house wiring , tiling and other skills so he is helping people of his age to work for themselves by giving them skills.

The company only has youth working for it including 2 girls and 3 boys, he is also giving skills to others when he is working by teaching them about what he does said Ncube

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