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(An advocate for albinism awareness, Brian Makhubela)

INTERNATIONAL Albinism Awareness Day is commemorated on June 13th to create awareness about albinism. People with albinism are amongst the most vulnerable citizens in the world. And at great risk of violent crimes and human rights violation, often times influenced by myths and misinformation. Each year the commemoration of International Albinism Awareness Day is given a theme and this year’s theme was strength beyond all odds. Looking into showing appreciation for and celebrating the men and women with albinism who are inspiring others through their journeys.

Brian Maqhawe Makhubela, is a trailblazer born with Albinism in the mid 90’s and raised in Nkomazi, Mpumalanga. Makhubela has the world as his oyster dispite the difficulties the society tries to throw upon his path as a man living with albinism.

(Model and public figure using his talents to create awareness about albinism)

Makhubela says he had to grow a thick skin at a tender age, as growing up in a misinformed community had him posed with a lot of questions and remarks wrapped with a lot of hate and inhumanity. He highlighted that albinism is not just a genetic condition but for him, over the years it has grown into an unstoppable driving force that has him excelling in all the spaces he occupies. “I wouldn’t work as hard as I work if I wasn’t living with Albinism” said the albinism awareness advocate. He added that he probably wouldn’t have studied as hard as he did to obtain his office administration qualification; let alone his Diploma in Ecotourism and Wildlife Management at the Tshwane University of Technology. Albinism and Makhubela’s love affair was written in the stars long before it was discovered, that is how he managed to unleash his strength beyond all odds. Accepting oneself is the root of great stregth.



Albinism is the lack of melanin and not the lack of abilities and talents. With that being said, Makhubela is a man of great talents. He uses one of his talents (modelling) to not only break stereotypes partaining to albinism but to unleash and redefine the bold and the beauty in the genetic condition. He has by far worked on projects with Khanyi Mbau, Vodacom, Magents, Destiny Man Magazine, Superbalist and Africa Fashion International, just to name but a few.

The groundbreaker recently entered the Mr and Miss Albinism South Africa; an advocacy platform for people with albinism. When the voting phase of the pageant closed, he was in the lead with just over 5 000 votes. The Mr and Miss Albinism South Africa is said to be hosted on August 28 2021. In communities and industries filled with discrimination against people living with albinism, Makhubela has surely taken up space and created a path for himself and those living with the same genetic condition.

“It is costly to be ignorant of albinism when South Africa is a rainbow nation” concluded Makhubela. The beauty of the rainbow nation South Africa is, would be dimmed without the uniquely shaded skin, hair and/or eye tone of people living with albinism. Albinism is more prevalent throughout Africa than anywhere else in the world. Albinism is anything but a decision, those living with the condition deserve no less respect and dignity.

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