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Tiger Sgandaf #Kwaito Royalty

Written by on September 22, 2022


IT’s a Saturday morning, I just finished my Studio Session with Lesego. Additionally, I was on the line with Tiger’s assistant trying my luck to re-arrange our meeting location. I must say that at that specific moment, I could no imagine me Meeting the Kwaito King And what a Gentleman he was, as he was more
than willing to accommodate me. After bouncing a few options around, we finally agreed to meet at the sunny side It was hardly a few minutes to my arrival and we were already trying to find each other, time management is a big problem. Not only was he on time but he was super warm and “human”.

During an interview with Urban Fusion; Legendary Tiger said “who we are is what attracts others, it is what the world wants to see. That is why artists such as Drake featured Wizkid and Kendrick Lamar featured Saudi. It brings no value to copy what the rest are doing, what Africa has to offer is what makes
us appealing”. He said.

The premise to true greatness is authenticity. Success comes when one can truly become himself and embrace their uniqueness. We are each uniquely gifted and are born different from one another, and that is our true individual power. Just like the likes of Sjava, Mandoza truly embodies this philosophy
to its fullest extent, an artist that stands out.

A true South African Kasi rap/kwaito pioneer that polished the very same way that was paved by legends such as Pro-kid and Mdu. Since this is Urban Fusion Magazine, first thing’s first, tell us where you are originally from and how it was like growing up there.

TIGER SGANDAF born name is KLAAS THOMAS MAHLANGU He was born and raised in a most notorious township in the North of Pretoria South Africa called Winterveld also known as sgandaf Tiger Sgandaf started performing on church stage in the 80’s As a Sunday school kid participant. He also performed at His Primary school’s functions in the 90’s. He used to take

People’s songs to create his own lyrics from them In 1995 Tiger Sgandaf started to take music seriously and recorded his first demo tape. He later formed a band with two Of his other friends and named the group; TOM GENTS taking Tom from his name Thomas and Gents as his friends. They recorded their first album at Shandel Music in Down Town Johannesburg The album did not get a recording contract but the band was Famous around Pretoria and Johannesburg because they Performed in various events such as weddings, birthdays, Community centres and everywhere invited.

In 2000 the band split and Tiger focused on his solo career. WHO IS THE PERSON BEHIND THE TIGER’S BRAND? TIGER SGANDAF finished his Matric at Abel Motshoane High School in Winterveld. He then focused in the entertainment business as a Kwaito artist and Film Maker. He made his first film in 1999 which was unsuccessful and made his first Kwaito Album in 2000 featuring his late friend and producer Floyd “Da-Great” Sizani and Wiseman Shongwe. The album did not get a good recording deal offer and Tiger decided to stop looking for recording contract to start his
own Record Label.

Tiger Sgandaf gained popularity by appearing three times in three consecutive years on a youth television show called JAM-ALLEY. Tiger has performed in big events alongside big names nationally and internationally. In 2005 he Recorded his 2nd album that was released under his newly registered Record Label called SGANDAVU ENTERTAINMENT with his two business partners.

The album featured Sbuda Lauzen AKA SBUSISO MNGOMEZULU, his friend and business partner and the late ABBA AKA ABEL GOLELE of ABASHANTE from 999 Music. The album only sold 5000 units due to inadequate marketing. Business partners of SGANDAVU ENTERTAINMENT parted ways to venture into Mining business and other businesses but Tiger Sgandaf registered his own company alone in 2010 under entertainment business. The company is called SGANDAF PRODUCTIONS.

SGANDAF PRODUCTIONS has conducted many talent events and established many talents in events and established many talents in music and Film Industry. INJA YAKHONA MOVIE that showed on MNET MZANSI MAGIC TV Channel in 2012 to 2015 and on OVHD TRUE AFRICAN TV Channel from 2017 to 2020. The Movie is one of the company’s successful product. TIGER SGANDAF is also appearing as a lead character in the movie and also a lead character in the famous movie called MPEPHE THE PROPHET that showed on MZANSI MAGIC in 2013 to 2016.

TIGER SGANDAF current ALBUM is also released on all reputable music downloads and streaming stores and CD shops. TIGER SGANDAF is also conducting his non profit initiative under his company called
DRUG FREE MZANSI a National Drug Education Initiative Campaign at schools and communities.

He laughed and said…I guess the style chose me. but it is because it feels easy to express myself. because i speak my mind and feeling through music.


It is overwhelmingly insane!! everybody wants their piece of cake while the citizens can’t afford a slice of bread. We ruled by greed, pure greed.

Yeah it heals. Every song i wrote touches a different aspect of life

In my spare time I go touring around the country and interacting with people of different backgrounds and identities

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Tel: +27 83 726 3490 / +27 81 800 8860

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